CGFS to hold second annual Food Truck Friday Frenzy

by Lauren Collins


By the time the Food Truck Fridays Frenzy hits its stride, hundreds of laughing and smiling people will be dancing and head bobbing to the live rock music performed by the local band Freeze-R-Burn in the Child Guidance & Family Solutions parking lot. When they’re ready to recharge, they’ll be able to choose from several unique and exotic food trucks with mouth-watering aromas floating from their stations—like the smell of fried brussels sprouts from The Square Scullery—and to browse the rockEVERYwear fashion truck for their favorite Akron and Cleveland spirit wear.


Child Guidance & Family Solutions is bringing Food Truck Fridays Frenzy back again this year, due to its success last year with about 1000 people attending the event. Spend the evening dancing, dining, shopping, and celebrating the beginning of summer. Don’t miss out on a chance to kick off the start of summer and help kids in the area.


This fundraiser will help raise money and support for the agency. CG&FS is a non-profit organization that offers mental, emotional and behavioral healthcare to children, teens and families.


Rain or shine, Food Truck Fridays lunch runs every Friday from May 19 to September 1, from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm in the CG&FS parking lot. At the end of each lunch hour, the trucks donate a portion of their profits to CG&FS to help support the organization and the work they do in schools, the community and their offices. 


But while Food Truck Friday usually has only four trucks in attendance, this Frenzy will have twelve different trucks to choose from. This year’s lineup includes The Orange Trük, Wholly Frijoles, The Square Scullery, Swensons, Beachcomber, Manna Truck, Slop Truck, Betty’s Bomb A** Burgers, Popsmith, A Twist of Leona, Jackpot Chicken Food Truck, Fire House Grilling Co. and Flamingo Jack’s.


“They have some of the best food at the best price you’ll ever get,” says Judith Fowler, Vice President of Institutional Advancement at CG&FS. “I was just blown away when I realized what they offered, just things you wouldn’t expect when you think of a food truck kind of generically. They really are some great chefs in these businesses.”


The idea of bringing in food trucks started three or four years ago at their Akron location on the corner of Forge and East Market.


“There aren’t a lot of restaurants in this area, and the food trucks were really getting a high profile in the community,” Fowler says .


The food trucks were excited to be a part of helping CG&FS and the community.


“We reached out to talk to a couple of them, and they came to visit the agency and learned a little bit about what we did, and they were really interested in being part of the giving community, so they really wanted to make a contribution,” Fowler says.


Lend your support and catch the excitement on Friday, May 12 from 4 – 8 pm in the Child Guidance &  Family Solutions parking lot at 18 N Forge St. If you can’t make the Frenzy, be sure to check the CG&FS website or Akron Food Truck Fridays Facebook page to see which trucks are on the lineup for each week.

(Featured photo courtesy of Child Guidance & Family Solutions)