Standing Room | April 2017

Six bands we think you should know

by Floco Torres


Penny Arcade

Nick Muffet, Brian Sloan, and Eric Vaught make up the pop-punk trio “Penny Arcade” and their recent EP “Oliver” consists of five songs about a cat. The melancholy vibe of the EP mixed with a clear cloak over lyrics like “The view from lying on the carpet, Never changed my perspective” makes you hope there is an animated series about this cat coming soon. Penny Arcade has still been playing gigs recently so keep an eye out for these guys in upcoming show listings.

(Penny Arcade image courtesy of the band’s Facebook page.)


Nic Adkins

Nic Adkins is going to be as honest with you as possible and there’s nothing you can do about it. His EP “Live With It” rips through most possible scenarios of break-ups and dealing with it. On songs like “Myself,” the singer-songwriter starts the verse with “You always said I’m such a piece of shit, Now I’m starting to believe it” like he’s making fun of you being right about him. He even says “People think that I’m so relaxed, But they don’t understand that it’s just an act” and I don’t know whether I believe him or not. I DO know that I want to have a beer with this guy after one of his live sets soon.

(Photo of Nic Adkins courtesy of the musician’s Facebook page.)


Eddie Gancos

Eddie Gancos is working way harder than I realized when I met him at the Fool Mansion house. He runs the DIY staple throwing 3-4 shows a month, he writes and performs acoustic songs about “sad and simple life situations” under the name “Alamor” and contributes vocals to the punk band “CityCop”. By the time this issue prints, he’ll be on a nine city tour around the east coast alternating nights between both acts. Don’t tell me you’re tired or that you can’t do something for the entire month of April.

(Photo of Eddie Gancos courtesy of the musician’s Facebook page.)



Moonhawk is a Tech Guru that “moonlights” as a Producer/DJ because what else should you be doing if you know the ins and outs of Ableton Live 9.7.1? His “Mission CTRL Undergrounddeep house mix on his mixcloud page is a three hour set of straight JAMS. I hate I missed him last month at the Mustard Seed but I’ll be looking for some sort of hawk signal in the sky to find out when he’s playing next. (Oh c’mon, he has to have his own signal right?)

(photo courtesy of Moonhawk)


Funeral Proposals

Ryan Hanlon, Holden Shumate, and Samuele Gucciardo make up the rock ‘n’ roll band Funeral Proposals. Although their name sheds a darker image, songs like “No Words For You” on their soundcloud page have a glowing sound with plenty of “Ohs” to sing along to. The guys are currently riding high off of a standout performance at the 2017 High School Rock Off in Cleveland. They’ll be looking to keep the momentum going by playing as many shows as possible this spring and summer.

(photo courtesy of the band’s Facebook page)


Smoke Break

Joshua Hundley, Logan McNeal, Anthony Vitrano, and Charlie Johnson are just getting started with their hardcore outfit Smoke Break. They posted their first two demos last month that were recorded in the Sure Man House basement. Although they describe their music as “bad riffs,” I’d say take a few minutes to check them out anyway. The reverse psychology worked on me anyway.

(Image courtesy of the band’s Facebook page)