Akron Pizza Task Force | Leonardo’s Pizza

by Stephanie Baker, Kevin Wirth and Justin Lyons (@akronpizzatf)


Skip the food court and grab a pizza on your way home—Leonardo’s Pizza is conveniently located right by Summit Mall. 

There aren’t many specialty pizzas on the menu, but Leonardo’s does have a white sauce. We tried their cheese pizza with red sauce and a cheese and tomato with garlic sauce.

The crusts on both pizza were fluffy and cooked perfectly. The crust also doesn’t collapse under the sauce like you commonly see.

The cheese pizza had just the right amount of cheese. The crust was nice and thick and perfectly held up a generous amount of sauce and cheese. We found the sauce itself to be a little sweet but not overly sweet. If you love plain cheese we think this pizza is for you.

The cheese, tomato and garlic pizza was up next. The tomato was diced and evenly distributed over it. The cheese was thick and covered edge to edge more than the red sauce pizza. Some white pizza has a lot of oil that pools over top but this wasn’t a problem with this pie.

Overall, Leonardo’s is a solid choice. We have visited a fair share of Akron’s finest and we had nothing but good experience with Leonardo’s.


Leonardo’s Pizza – 103 Ghent Rd – leonardosfairlawn.com – 330.733.6161


//BIO: Akron Pizza Task Force – All hail pizza!