Beards of Akron | Men’s Grooming with Chelsea

All the handsome beards from our Beards of Akron photoshoot, which will appear in this month’s issue (April 2017), made us wonder, how do these guys keep their facial hair looking so great? While some might prefer the DIY method, many dudes need a little help to keep their beards in line. We spoke with one of Akron’s favorite stylists, Chelsea Canfield, about the art of men’s grooming.


Name: Chelsea B Canfield

Occupation: Stylist

Hometown: Warren

Current Neighborhood: West Akron

How did you become interested in men’s grooming?

My love for menscutting/grooming all started while in school at Paul Mitchell. I took a hands-on class with Long Beach based celebrity Master Barber, John Mosley, and sort of hit the ground running. He offered to mentor me, and I began sending him photos of my fades/facial grooming/men’s cuts to critique.  

What are your favorite products to use for facial hair?

The salon (Apotheclaire) carries products from Oway, which is a farm-to-chair organic hair care company from Italy. I often use a particular multi use amla and marula oil based product called glossy nectar as a beard oil. Its so nourishing!  I also like Cliff beard oils and moustache wax.

Do you have any cool beard stories?

Stories? Not really. I do have a particular client who likes to keep his waist length beard tied in a knot. Thought that was worth a mention.

What’s your favorite beard style?

Full but groomed, with clean lines.  Boar bristle brushes are a must.

What’s the most difficult aspect of men’s grooming?

Cowlicks. They especially announce themselves in men’s  pixie cuts.  I’ve learned you have to go with the nature of the hair.

What’s your favorite aspect?

Everything. I love everything hair. Men’s cutting and grooming, long lady locks, pixie cuts, color, hairpainting, all of it.

But since this is about them, special shout out to my awesome male clients who come back week after week, fade after fade. You guys rock.