Standing Room | March 2017

Six Akron bands we think you should know

by Floco Torres


My Mouth Is the Speaker

Danny, Max, Ryan and Rob started the Indie Punk outfit My Mouth Is the Speaker in 2008. In 2014, they released their EP “In Focus” on Escapist Records featuring stand out tune “Worst Case Scenario.” “In Focus” has an energy and big sound that most music fans think can only be created in million dollar studios with *insert big music executive*. They ended 2016 with a big show at Musica with a packed lineup of talent. They’re currently working on a new record and have been playing shows recently, as they joined Taking Meds and Dark Spring in Lakewood in early February.


Red Rose Panic

Red Rose Panic began as a duo Hip-Hop band in 2013 formed by songwriter Luminari and producer/guitarist Styxx. They added more musicians later on in an effort to elevate their overall sound. Blending Hip-Hop, Electronic, Jazz, Rock and Pop may seem like a lot, but their five track project “One Night Standard” really shows the strength in their versatility. Luminari lyrically steers the ship with ease while Styxx provides an impressive soundtrack to accent the mood (See “Danger Zone”). The band premiered new song “Wonder Year” at a show in January and has been on the move since. Their next show is March 23 at The Federal in Youngstown, Ohio. (Featured image of Red Rose Panic courtesy of the band’s Facebook page)



A new hardcore band has emerged in Akron and they go by the name of COOP. Marcus, Anthony, Ryan and Zach were inspired by Standing Room alum WallCreeper to form in 2016. Their five song EP “Dessert” was released in January and is a collection of singles inspired by 80s movies. “The Thing” features a hard hitting bassline and slide guitar that sounds like the soundtrack to someone stalking you in a horror flick. COOP played their first show in February and are playing in Akron on March 10th at the Sure Man House with WallCreeper, so don’t miss this one.


Samantha Grace

Samantha Grace is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with an amiable voice. Her Ukelele tune “Mon Petit Chou” is an easy song to not realize that you’ve listened to it three or four times in a row. Samantha is also one half of the duo Saint Joan with Hannelore Berken. Sam played at Hive Mind in February and is continuing to put work into her solo project.




Eric Vaught aka Posture is an indie musician that can’t really be placed in a genre per se. His 3 song EP “EXOSKELETONS” ranges from pop rock to electronic to acoustic and back again. Lyrically, Posture is just trying to make sense of it all like the rest of us. On “Saturn,” lines like “Though I haven’t proof I do believe, we’re more than accidents and bastard machines” find Eric trying to think the best of our flawed human race. Early in February, he proclaimed that he was eating chana masala in a clean lavender smelling apartment and the mixes for his new EP were “done done done done.”


Cabin Fever

James Maher is a singer-songwriter that recently changed his name to Cabin Fever. He played his first show under the new name at It’s a Kling Thing! house in February. In an effort to fully rebrand, he has wiped a lot of his self-titled work from the internet except for a few video performances like “Beautiful Nightmare” which was dedicated to an ex-girlfriend. We’re excited to see what comes of the new direction.