What’s the BIG IDEA behind Radio Free Akron?


Kenneth Averiett, 28
Occupation: Freelance Writer & Content Marketer
Hometown: Akron
Current neighborhood: Highland Square


What is your big idea?

Radio Free Akron. It’s non-profit, non-commercial radio for low power communities. RFA isn’t my idea actually. I’ve been the station manager for less than 6 months. My primary focus is finding voices from the nooks and crannies of Akron that are willing to lend themselves to RFA, so we can polish it up a bit, and serve home grown content. Akron has so much going on, so trying to curate as much Akron stuff as possible is going to be tough, but it’s going to be worth it.

Why pursue it?

Akron is pretty culturally dense. The casual person walking around North Hill probably isn’t hip to the diverse selection of food in restaurants, corner stores, or farmers markets offered by immigrants in that part of town, or downtown Akron’s constantly evolving music scene that’s hosting one of the most fertile DIY collectives in the Midwest. (I’m not being hyperbolic, I promise! lol). If we’re talking logistics, Akron is one of the most affordable towns to live in per a handful of real estate data bases. That makes it ideal for anyone to take any extra income and put it towards passion projects or hobbies, which explains a lot about why our city is the way it is!

When did you know your big idea was a good idea?

Honestly, I wasn’t there when Radio Free Akron was in its creative infancy. I remember sitting in on my first board meeting, and thinking “Man, I wonder if they know how cool this really is?” Then I just got excited with the possibilities. Having spent the majority of my life around some of Akron’s DIY, underground, grassroots initiatives, or whatever you want to call it, I knew this would be a fantastic way to bridge connections and bring new eyes and ears to what’s going on in this city.

How do you hope your big idea helps Akron grow?

I just want it to give people who don’t have them the resources to showcase something we haven’t seen or heard before in this city. Like I said, there’s so much going on, and it’s constantly evolving. I hope we can keep up with the changes, and bring them to the hearts and minds of anyone who cares to pay attention.