Akron Pizza Task Force: Mark & Philly’s

by Stephanie Baker, Kevin Wirth and Justin Lyons (@akronpizzatf)


Mark and Philly’s Pizzeria is our kind of place: quality ingredients, single location and adored by their community. Since opening in 1988, Mark and Philly’s has created a loyal customer base. Their reviews are filled with fans of their craft from all over the country. People seem to really like the Sicilian pizza they offer and their takes on other items they list on their menu.

We ordered a plain cheese, garlic cheese and a hefty Sicilian pizza.

The plain cheese was a little greasy but not bad and the top was cooked well done. Sauce was on the light side and we noticed right from the start that it seemed to have onion in it. The crust was crispy and a slice could stand on end.

The first thing we noticed on the garlic cheese was that it looked like someone had a hard time cutting it. This pizza was a little more greasy but the oil based sauce contributed to that. The cheese was thick and had great flavor. The garlic sauce wasn’t overpowering and played great with the cheese.

The Sicilian pizza (featured photo) was quite a spectacle. This is not a pizza for the weak of heart. The construction of this pizza is crust, then sauce, then another layer of crust and topped with cheese. The cheese was gooey and browned to perfection. This pizza tasted good but it is dense and you will feel full quickly after.

Mark & Philly’s Pizza is located at 3156 Bailey Road in Cuyahoga Falls, OH.

 Akron Pizza Task Force – pizza makes us strong.

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(Photos by Kevin Wirth)