The Wanderer: Staying in with Fat Bob

words and photos by Holly Brown


I have a very intense love/hate relationship with winter. It’s hard to deny that nothing quite beats the first snowfall of the season, how everything looks soft and more inviting coated in white. And yet. And. Yet. I absolutely hate being cold. Being cold is high up on my list of least favorite things to be (almost as bad as hungry).

Rather than lament these frigid winter days, I have decided to fully embrace the satisfaction of hibernation, to appreciate coming in out of a harsh December wind and slowly thawing out. I love snuggling up with my electric blanket, my old man kitty, a nice cup of tea and a movie.

In these trying times of hibernation, there is nothing more satisfying than ordering delivery. Yet even delivery has its flaws. Sometimes it feels like there’s only so many options. Pizza, Chinese, perhaps wings or a salad. And don’t get me wrong, I love all of those things. But it’s a long winter and if I’m going to be staying in, I need some diversity.

I’ve discussed my inability to settle on an order before. However, nothing, absolutely nothing, competes with the length of time it takes me to decide on an order from the Fat Bob Grill. It has become a joke amongst my friends: Well, Holly, you better start looking at the menu as soon as we get home so you’re ready to place the order in two hours.

With Fat Bob you can be in the mood for one thing and by the time you look through the menu, there will be at least four other items you’re going to want as well (here is the moment where I advocate for ordering with multiple people who enjoy sharing their food). Even if you decide you’re craving a burger, good luck, because there are twenty-seven different kinds of burgers on their menu. I’m not kidding. This menu is legendary (YOU CAN ORDER BRUNCH FOR DELIVERY).

While I’ve ordered my fair share of food from the Fat Bob Grill, the evening in question was a Friday in December. It was cold. My street was frozen over. I had spent the entire day in malls and shops with trusty Maya attempting to get all of our Christmas shopping done in one day (spoiler alert: we got pretty darn close) and literally all I wanted was to sit on my couch, watch Just Friends, and have food brought to me. Lucky for me, The Fat Bob Grill is not only pick-up and delivery, it was the only thing I wanted.

Cue me looking at the menu. Between Ryan, Maya, and myself, we had two computers with the menu open. No one wants to be the last one to decide. The pressure builds as one person makes their decision. In this case, it was Ryan: The Steak & Bacon Wrap (bacon, cheddar cheese, onion straws, A1 sauce).

I turn back to the menu with more urgency. I know I want something with mushrooms, but what? A burger? A sandwich? I move away from wraps because I know I want something warm. The clock ticks. Maya settles on the chicken parm sub (as opposed to the pasta dish which you can also order). I make my decision. We place the call.

Around forty minutes later, cue the knock on the door and jump off the couch excitement. No matter who delivers the food, they are exceptionally nice. I have had zero bad experiences. The white styrofoam boxes take up the whole table. Mine is still warm. I open the box and unearth a perfectly crafted sandwich: a bacon mushroom swiss melt.

Two pieces of crispy Texas toast nestle a full chicken breast, multiple strips of crunchy bacon, a bed of saucy mushrooms, and a sheet of melted swiss cheese. I take a bite and find heaven in my own living room.

If there is something else I can tell you about Fat Bob Grill, it is that they don’t skimp on their portions or the quality of their meals. The chicken breast is large and juicy. The bacon is oh so present (one of my least favorite things on a sandwich is weak bacon) and adds the perfect salty fat accompaniment to the earthy heartiness of the mushrooms I so desperately desired on this cold winter’s night. This sandwich is rich and fat. It is not soggy or falling apart. The level of care the Fat Bob Grill takes in their food becomes more apparent with every order I make.

Because no meal is complete without a side to share, we also requested a small box of corn nuggets. Though I’ve had many a side from Fat Bob, this one remains my favorite. Small golden nuggets, fried to the perfect consistency, hiding sweet creamed corn, even whole kernels.

In the words of my idol, Liz Lemon, “Yes to love! Yes to life! Yes to staying in more!” Treat yourself this winter to a night (or two, or ten) in. Don’t forget to invite Fat Bob. You won’t be disappointed with anything you order, but make sure you do me a solid and get the corn nuggets.  


The Fat Bob Grill, Pickup & Delivery Only

783 W Market Street (located in the back of the American Legion)

Mon – Thurs: 9 am – 10 pm, Fri: 9 am – 11 pm, Sat 9 am – 3 pm (full menu brunch), Closed Sunday; 330-926-7919 or 330-926-7966

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