University Spotlight: Jaclyn Hale

Weaving a connection between the past and present

words and photos by Bronlynn Thurman

img_1312Bridging the gap between the traditional and modern process has led University of Akron senior Jaclyn Hale to create a collection all her own. Inspired by textiles, Hale has re-woven the often overlooked craft using metals.

“I often find myself being drawn into layering that is prevalent in textiles: fascinated by the complexity of a particular braid, knot, or weave, the fibers from which they come, and the objects that they then create,” said Hale in her artist’s statement.

img_1304But textiles were not her only source of inspiration. As a young girl, weaving was a common occurrence with her grandmother.

“I felt very connected with her throughout this whole body of work and she’s now passed,” said Hale.

And The University of Akron’s Myer’s School of Art nurtured, educated and helped shape her into the woman she is today.

“The faculty are the reason why I’ve ‘survived’ art school and have been so successful in terms of scholarships and awards — they made me believe in myself even when I didn’t,” Hale said. “They genuinely care tremendously about their students’ success and well-being both inside and outside of school. I’ve never heard of students in other departments/colleges have relationships with their professors like we do at Myers.”

img_1295I believe that I can have just as successful of a career, perhaps even more so, right here in Akron, and have this awesome community for support,” Hale said. “I think that is important for people to understand.”



Bronlynn, the woman of many nicknames, loves hearing the voices of young artists.