Standing Room: 6 Akron Bands We Think You Should Know

by Dawson Steeber

Ghost Slime

Photo by Andrew Wells with editing by Lexi Lynch

Tyler Brown, Reid Silva, Josh Jones and Ben Selvey – all of whom disappeared after a toxic waste event on the set of Nickelodeon’s “Slime Time Live” – make up ‘90s guitar rock outfit GHOST SLIME. Resurrected via ouija board by Grand Shredmaster Sensei Hamato Yoshi, they learned the ways of rock and of roll. Commonly considered “Akron’s Spookiest Band,” these ghouls created Slimerock: a mixture of ‘90s guitar rock, à la Built To Spill and Dinosaur Jr., with the emotional intensity of twinkle daddy bands like Algernon Cadwallader and Glocca Morra. Born and raised in Akron’s DIY basement scene, they aim to bring good vibes and high energy to every show they play. They just finished recording their debut EP, “Human Stories,” and plan to release it before their November tour with Akron’s Backtalk. Come get slimed at one of their upcoming local shows before they go on tour:

10/16 @ Fool Mansion in Akron with Secret Stuff and Hodera

10/20 @ It’s A Kling Thing! in Akron with Sports and Close Kept

You can find them at and


See Creatures

Photo by Ryan Legg

See Creatures are the dynamic duo of Nate Bucher and Adam Murray. Drawing from the early psychedelic and folk influences of bands like Cream, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, they voyage to the outer dimensions of fuzzed-out reverb and endless loops inspired by old sci-fi tropes and magnetic tape. Their debut LP, “Surface Tension,” was released this past summer. You can see them soon at Thursday’s Lounge on Oct. 7. If you’re feeling adventurous, they’ll also be playing Oct. 14 at Lakewood’s Happy Dog. They’ll get you movin’ and groovin’.


Birthday Noose

Birthday Noose logo by Kevin Braun

Birthday Noose is Akron’s psychedelic, “fuzzed-out, reverb-soaked drone punk” white elephant – a three-piece garage/psych band comprised of Kevin Braun, Eric Blankenhorn and Chrissy Spangler. The band’s sound is for fans of loud, distorted garage rock à la The Cramps, The Stooges, The Gories and Thee Oh Sees. Birthday Noose released their debut EP, “Hang ‘Em High,” in the spring of 2015, followed by their debut album, “Noosifer,” this year.  BDN’s sophomore album, “Hangover,” is set for release in 2017. The band’s music is free and always will be. They record the music themselves, design and make their own shirts, burn their own CDs and create their own videos with the help of various local artists. Check out everything Birthday Noose at



Photo by Amanda Bukrim

Conceived in 2014 by bassist Michael Gilpatrick and drummer Chadd Beverlin (Mockingbird, Rue), Enhailer had no real goals as far as a specific sound they were looking for. Later that year, guitarist Jason Erb (Goosed) joined the band, and a four-song demo was released. In 2016, after a separation with Erb, Enhailer enlisted current guitarist Mike Lorenzen (Iron Jawed Guru). After a year gigging they buckled down in 2016 and entered Tangerine Dreams studio sporadically from June to August with engineer Ben Vehorn to record the new full-length album, “Grisaille” (a French term for working in gray tones — usually with paints). The title was borrowed from a book written by a friend, Jack Garrett. Currently on Blackseed Records, these misanthropic dirt rockers will be delivering their brand of power-packed, experimental sludge ranging from softer progressive parts to brutally heavy down-tuned riffs in places like Philadelphia and Brooklyn with eyes on touring the south over the winter months.



Photo by James Kananaan, studio engineer at Bad Racket Recording Studio

Daveferatu (Dave Andrews) wrote these songs in prison, locked up for a crime he did not commit. Upon his release, drummer Chuck Norris and Dave went straight into Bad Racket studio in Cleveland. Dave said, “The mix had to be blown out. Balls to the wall, drum-heavy and slammin’.” Engineer James Kananaan (Seafair, Ma Halos) delivered in a huge way. Then, in post-production mastering, Jeff Soper (Me Time and the Raging Crush, Birthday Noose) crushed it hard. Daveferatu  set out to do something never done before by recording a blend of progressive, jazz-fusion drums with finger-style acoustic guitar pushed  through tube amps, distortion and reverb. What do we get on the other end? Karate chop beats and brittle guitar play interwoven with hushed vocals and dark lyrics. Get out and see these guys when they’re around!


Me Time and The Raging Crush

Photo by Jeff Soper

There is a psychedelic sunshine cult in Akron. They’re called Me Time and The Raging Crush, the cosmic six-piece consisting of Eric Blankenhorn, Jeff Soper, Fred Johnson, Ian Cummins, Kevin Braun and Chrissy Spangler. Influenced by ‘60s psych, ‘70s punk, ‘80s drugs and a never-ending daisy chain of guitar effects, they’ve been committing musical mind control since recording their debut album on Akron’s Fone Records in 2014. The band has released 11 music videos to date, and their live shows come complete with projected films and ritualistic costumes. For all you would-be disciples, their sophomore release is due out this fall. Catch Me Time and The Raging Crush live at the Matinee with Cincinnati’s The Harlequins on Sunday, Nov. 13. Come Down. Drink the Kool-Aid. No, for real. They bring free Kool-Aid.