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Akron Pizza Task Force: Pierre’s Brooklyn Pizza and Deli

by Stephanie Baker, Kevin Wirth and Justin Lyons (@akronpizzatf)

akronpizzataskforce colorThis month we headed to Kenmore to sample Pierre’s Brooklyn Pizza and Deli at 64 Kenmore Blvd. Pierre and his journey to Akron from Lebanon and New York City was documented in the first issue of The Devil Strip; the piece is hanging on the wall in the seating area, so you can read it when you pick up your pizza.

The front of the shop has a small seating area where you can enjoy your pizza, but most of the business is carry out. This area also has the latest Pizza Today and PMQ Pizza Magazine, so you can be current on the latest pizza news. Pierre’s also sells cheese and pepperoni pizza by the slice during lunch and dinner hours.

We ordered the cheese, four cheese, Pierre’s Specialty and, in honor of Deadpool, a black olive and pineapple. Unlike most take-out restaurants, Pierre’s doesn’t take your name when you order over the phone; they match you to your pizza when you arrive.

The excellent Pierre’s Pizza

All four pizzas have the same style crust that is unique to Pierre’s. The crust is thinner than a regular pan style pizza, but it’s not a thin crust either. It could be the New York style, but it isn’t like other New York styles either. Pierre’s crust is chewy and bread-like, though not undercooked. It’s good all around even though the crust on ours were done well.

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The menu doesn’t tell us what four cheeses are on the four cheese pizza; our best guess is mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta, and cheddar based on other offerings on the menu. The flavor is similar to the plain cheese pizza, both are good, but the extra cheeses don’t add much extra flavor.

The pineapple and olive pizza combination is surprisingly good and, as Deadpool says, the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Though we didn’t pay complete homage by requesting they burn the crust, it was close. Nonetheless, the topping combination and same crust as the cheese pizzas made this one we’d order again.

The star of the show is the Pierre’s pizza; it’s topped with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and garlic sauce with herbs. It is for garlic lovers, to say the least. It’s also for people who love delicious things. We recommend that everyone try this delicious pizza at least once.

Pierre’s one of the highlights of the Akron pizza world. We hope you’ll head on over to try

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