Boring But Important | Ohio bureaucrats threaten early childhood services

Without involving the Early Childhood Advisory Council — or any organizations in the field — the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services proposed a rule change that would eliminate about $12 million statewide to Head Start/Child Care programs, which serve some of Ohio’s most vulnerable kids. Set to go in effect Sept 3, the rule change would prevent programs from getting state funds and federal funds at the same time. Proponents of the rule change call the current situation “double-dipping” but it’s really “layering,” the Toledo Blade editorial board writes. That layering allows programs to add services or hire better-prepared teachers, which these children need. Kasich’s office has pledged to put that $12 million “savings” into education around the state. However, as the editorial board pointed out, that means plucking the money from programs that are addressing a need and spreading it “like peanut butter around the state.”