The Solo Funkateer

From the studio to the stage, Eriq Troi is one man on a mission.

by Roger Riddle


Eriq Troi is a funk and soul one-man-band.

If you follow him on Facebook, you will see daily video posts of him playing instruments and tinkering with recording software. This is the life you imagine when you think of what musicians must do with their time – always experimenting, always creating.

That spirit of experimentation led to the creation of Troi’s full length release “Blooming Where Planted.” Inspired by Quincy Jones’ album, “The Dude,” Troi produced each track – and played all the instruments – and then worked with performers across Northeast Ohio to add the vocals to the tracks. The result is an album that showcases Troi’s talents through funk, R&B, Latin, and spoken-word styles.

The legacy and influence of Ohio greats like the O’Jays, Bootsy Collins, the Ohio Players and Zapp with Roger Troutman as well as many others can be heard throughout the album. “Funkyfeelgoodmusic” and the playful “Sucker Punch (Remix)” both remind you of the some of the 70s and 80s funk from the region while still being current.

The very ambitious “Summertime” takes the jazz standard and reinterprets it in a style that would make  Eddie Hazel of Funkadelic proud.

So how does a solo funkateer make a live show out of the great music he has been creating in the studio? Troi has been puzzling over this since the release of “Blooming…”

“I’ve always played with a band,” says Troi. “But now times have changed.”

With the help of technology, he believes he has found the answer to putting on a solo show. The show will combine elements of pre-programmed tracks, live sampling loops, and live instrumentation. To round out the show, he is planning to project video as an accompaniment to the performance.

“I want people to have a musical experience and not just come to a gig,” he says.

He is keeping the details of the event quiet for now, but he alludes to a date in October. Until then, he suggests people who are hungry to hear more listen to his podcast “E. 99th & Groove,” which airs Fridays at 7 pm EST. The show is dedicated to playing music from Northeast Ohio artists. You can stream past episodes on

You can also stream and download “Blooming Where Planted” at Be sure to join his email list to find out when and where his one-man show will be.


(Featured photo by Jef Janis/Double Vision Photographic)