Parking: Skeletons, Wildflowers and Mexican Food; An Evening in Munroe Falls Metro Park

words and photos by Grace Ebner

For this month’s park excursion, I chose to hike the Meadow Trail, located in the Tallmadge Meadows Area of Munroe Falls Metro Park. A flat loop of two miles, this trail takes hikers through shaded woods during the first half, while the latter half of the trail meanders through the sunny meadow. The wildflowers are just starting to bloom this time of year, making the course especially scenic.



This trail also has an interesting feature: it leads to a small cemetery. Near the start of the trail, the path splits off to an open grass lot. In this lot is a headstone, marked “Rest in Peace / Unknown Skeletal Remains / Summit County, Ohio.” This headstone came as a surprise to me. Despite having hiked this trail many times, I had never wandered into this part of the park before. But all it took was a short walk to return back to the trail bordered with wildflowers as tall as my shoulders.


Immediately after my hike, I stopped by Cornerstone Market, which is located right across the trail on the other side of the street. Outside of the market were several large bins filled with giant watermelons, along with hanging flowerpots for sale. Inside, the quaint and colorful store boasted displays of fresh breads and produce, including tropical dragon fruit and liliko’i.


Feeling hungry for a meal after my hike in the sun, I then headed out to El Tren Grill for dinner. The Mexican restaurant is located along Tallmadge Circle, just a ten-minute drive from the metro park. I ordered their vegetarian fajitas. The service was fast, the staff friendly and the restaurant was clean and bright. It was a delicious end to my evening in the park.