The 411 on PorchRokr 2016

What you need to know to make PorchRokr a rokn good time


PorchRokrlogoWhat to Bring:

– A water bottle: There will be Reverse Osmosis water stations (thanks to Donamarc Water Systems), so bring a reusable water bottle to fill up. Or you can purchase a collapsible water bottle at PorchRokr.

– Cash to tip performers: Hear something you like? Tip the band!

– Camera/Phone: Take pictures/videos and be sure to use hashtag #porchrokr

– Portable phone charger in case you run out of battery from filming all those videos, Snaps, etc.

– Sunscreen (No one likes to look or feel like a lobster.)

– Bug spray

– A tote bag or backpack to haul your merch

– Comfortable shoes to get you around to see all of the vendors and musicians.

– A friend! Bonus points if they’ve never been to Akron or PorchRokr before.


Keep It Clean:

Please look for the recycling, compost and garbage receptacles to dispose of your waste. Residents, please leave your recycling and garbage bins on the curb.


Sell Your Wares:

If you live on the PorchRokr route and want to make some extra money, you can sell stuff on your lawn. So set up that yard sale you’ve been putting off all summer, or let the kids sell lemonade and cookies.


Find Parking:

Coming to PorchRokr from outside of Highland Square? There will be street parking available as well as some parking in business lots. Look for signs telling you where to park and where to NOT park.


Get Around:

Summit Cycle will have a bike share at this year’s PorchRokr festival near the N. Highland Ave cul-de-sac. Adult sized bikes will be available for use at the festival. Bikes will need to be signed out with a driver license or state ID. Suggested donation is $5.


Learn Something:

Is sustainability your thing? PorchRokr will provide several opportunities for DIY education this year. Let’s Grow Akron will teach you everything from composting to seed saving to upcycling plastic bags. Workshops will all take place in the triangle park at Highland and Edgerton. See the workshop times listed below.

11:00 – Composting 101 – A how-to on setting up, establishing and maintaining composting at home

12:00 – Rain barrel – A how-to on creating a simple and inexpensive rain barrel for your home

1:00 – Seed saving – A how-to on saving seeds from your garden to plant next year

2:00 – Plastic grocery bag upcycling – A fun and creative way to reuse those dozens of plastic bags we all have at home (*bring your own bag of bags)

3:00 – Home canning – A how-to on preserving and canning your garden’s bounty


For the updated map with legend, look here.PR Graphic map Devil Strip
(Featured photo by Shane Wynn)