Akron Farm & Flea: New Sunday Market Vibes Taking Hold Downtown

words by Liz Tyran; photos by Kevin Richards

13606571_1750318551920425_5697298699733235948_nThe Akron Farm & Flea
Market has taken off this
year! The first two markets received great attendance
as well as great reviews from vendors and attendees alike. What’s new this year? LOTS. Not only did the market become a registered non-profit for its efforts to create wholesome community-oriented activity in an historic area of downtown Akron, but it partnered with Countryside Conservancy and received support from the Knight Foundation.

The quality & quantity of vendors is also at an all-time high. Local businesses like Stagecoach Antiques, Birchwood Supply Co., Land of Plenty and Gypsy Grace & the Vintage Goat have signed up to sell some of 13669585_1750321968586750_3567965185765674145_nthe best antiques, vintage items and collectables in all of Akron. Not just signed up, but signed up for all four of this season’s markets. That kind of confidence and support from such respectable, hard working small business owners has truly become the backbone of the market. And they are just a few of many—there are approximately 30 vendors at each market this year including farm and produce vendors like Hattie’s Gardens, The Vegetable Compound, and Jimmy’s Jams.

Food trucks are also new to the scene this year. Trucks so far have ranged from Southern Thangs and The Spread to Sassy Dog and the new Square Scullery truck. Premier Crepes is on the horizon for the August market, as well as Swenson’s Food Truck, which has many folks excited.

13590334_1747426242209656_2119028465624886795_nThe upcoming August 14th market will be a vintage fashion themed market with live models donning trendy vintage wear from several local boutiques. Merchandise will be for sale along with all the antique, vintage, farm and flea items from the great stock of existing Farm & Flea vendors.

Community, small business and fun are at the heart of Akron Farm & Flea. This year’s fresh mix of activity, food, partners, vendors and support combined with the partnership formed with Crafty Mart last year has propelled this open-air market into a festival-esque realm with endless possibilities

13620953_1750361308582816_4609204933227226263_nVisitors can expect to hear a different sound wave of live local music at each market as well as a change up of special guests, themes, workshops, games and more. No two market days will be the same. Musica’s bar and the Urban Eats Cafe will be open each market day along with other neighborhood shops like Ely Road and Rubber City Clothing, not to mention the art museum and library across the street with ongoing programming and activities. The art museum’s new garden will be open to stroll through, and the Nightlight even has a 3:30 showing of Phantom Boy that guests can plan to take in if they stay downtown. That’s the point, after all: to see downtown during a new time with new eyes.

Additional Sunday activities downtown include a ride on the Cuyahoga Valley National Railroad from the Northside Depot, the Akron Zoo and RubberDucks games


Akron Farm & Flea Market

Aug 14th and Sept 1st

51 E. Market St. outside of Musica

Free parking in the library deck on High St.


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