Jul Big Green: ‘Loud, green, and a blender mix of different genres’


by M. Sophie Hamad

Jul Big Green will be playing at our next Live @ Lock 4 event on July 21, so we decided to ask him a few questions about his music and what we can expect at the show. For more information about Jul Big Green, check out his website.


image2M. Sophie Hamad: Will you be performing with the band at the July 21 Live @ Lock 4 event, or will it be just you and the BOSS?

Jul Big Green: Depends on the money, haha just kidding it’s never about the money. But now that my bands getting a little more notoriety I try to call them play when I can pay them adequately. Although sometimes I like to stretch myself and play alone. My summer 16 goal is to match my solo show caliber with that of my band. (Which is ridiculous because my band slams)


MSH: How did you and your band members meet?

JBG: Easy. My bass player: is my brother. Guitar player: isn’t my brother (haha). My rhythm guitar/backup singer is an old time family friend. My drummer: I met at a jam session in a parking lot at my brother’s church.


MSH: What kinds of things inspire you to write music?

JBG: Life choices, especially the negative. Other people’s experiences (when my life is dull), YouTube videos too (cus there’s always something crazy on there). And topics people send to me.


MSH: Why did you decide to pursue a career as a musician?

JBG: Music runs deep in my family. I’ve been fantasizing about performing since I was a kid on my Sony Walkman singing to old DC talk tapes. But it wasn’t until I was in high school that I realized God really laid something dope out for me.


MSH: What should people expect at a typical Jul Big Green show?

JBG: Loud, green, and a blender mix of random genres.


MSH: Do you listen to music to get pumped before a show? If so, what?

JBG: Depends on the show, I used to listen to the opposite of what Music I was performing. So like when I used to do rap shows I’d listen to bubble pop like Aaron carter, or nsync. But now it’s whatever usually something chill and groovy.


MSH: What do you like to do besides make music?

JBG: I’m really active. Skated for 10+ years, I like baseball, bike riding, getting lost on YouTube, going out of town, and kicking it with 80 (gf).


image3MSH: Where can people purchase your music?

JBG: Anywhere on the interwebs. Amazon, iTunes, Soundcloud, Bandcamp etc. It’s really crazy all the different avenues you can take to get music.