5 Questions with David Wilson

A comic illustrator and creator finds his footing in Akron

by Megan Combs

The cover of David’s book “Lovebirds.” Courtesy of David Wilson

As David Wilson completes work on magazine illustrations during the day, he’s finding his place in Akron’s comic illustrator and creator world by night. The Brimfield native, now living in Stow, is the author of the graphic novel “Lovebirds.” He describes it as a dark fantasy story about a girl who goes on a journey to find the necromancer who can bring her father back from the dead. I sat down with the tattooed illustrator to find out more about where he’s headed.


Megan Combs: How did you get started in comics?

David Wilson: I liked comics as a kid, but then I kind of grew out of them. About five or six years ago, I started getting back into it. I’ve always been a creator and illustrator in some way so I went to Kent State for a Visual Communication Design degree. Being around art again is what got me back into it.


MC: When you weren’t creating art, what were you doing?

DW: Initially, I quit art to do music. I played metal bands, and I was always hanging out at Annabell’s. That’s one of my favorite hangouts, but I’m also partial to Highland Square Records.


David’s illustrations. Courtesy David Wilson.

MC: What do you love about creating comics?

DW: Art, design and storytelling are all combined into one thing. It’s not a movie, but you can still tell a great story using all three elements. I love the project management of it all too.


MC: What’s the hardest part about being an illustrator and creator in Akron?

DW: There aren’t a lot of local groups for us all to kind of get together and network. I’m kind of a hermit, but I want to get out there more. I think that more local businesses should hire local artists and display more art in their shops.


MC: You have a lot of tattoos. Are they an extension of your art?

DW: All of my tattoos are designed by the tattoo artist. I spend a lot of time in tattoo shops. They’re just another connection to art.


See more of David’s designs and some of his magazine illustrations at www.workdavidwork.com. Find his book “Lovebirds” on Amazon.


Megan, who didn’t own any comic books until a month ago, has developed a comic book addiction.


(Featured photo courtesy of David Wilson)