“We have to do something about it. This is not O.K. Their lives will not be in vain.”

The young man who spoke those words at the candlelight vigil hosted by CANAPI has a cousin in critical condition after the mass shooting at Pulse in Orlando. In 2012, his best friend was among the three Chardon high schoolers shot to death by their classmate, TJ Lane.

“This speaks to the prevalence of these shootings in the US,” wrote photographer Shane Wynn, who is sharing the images in this gallery, after attending the vigil. “I was amazed that the overwhelming message from other speakers was to ‘be out!’ The sentiment was the opposite of fear and refusal to be defined by this tragedy.”

To support or join CANAPI’s work with and on behalf of the local LGBTQ community, visit them online canapi.org or on Facebook.

On June 18, Square Nightclub is hosting “Celebration of Lives – Pride for Pulse!

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