A Day in the Life of…“Commitment” and The Good Life

words and photos by Maxarmando Rivera

Commitment is a beautiful thing.
Commitment over time is much more beautiful.
Something about perseverance strikes a chord in mankind.
Believing in some “thing” so much that you’re willing to risk it all to see that “thing” succeed.
This type of commitment is beautiful.

Photographer’s notes: Every month I want to display a series of photographs that share a similar story and/or theme. This time, I spent the day at my friend Jeremiah Currier’s shop, Good Life – Body Piercing + Fine Jewelry. I didn’t make any promises; I didn’t stage any shots. I just walked around with my camera and observed.

I believe Jeremiah could live and work in a much bigger city, making a lot more money but he stays in Akron because he believes in Akron. Instead of complaining about what Akron is not, he busts his ass to help Akron become the kind of place he desires to live. This is uncommon, I think. This is rare.

These are some of my personal favorites from my day…

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