On Stage with The Got It Got It Need It

by Gabe Gott

The Got It Got It Need It, an Akron/Canton-based blues-hard-rock band, recently recorded its second EP with John King at RealGrey Records in Canton.

“It was a small room with really big ceiling, and it sounds perfect in there,” vocalist and guitarist Jason Goodwin says. “We came in with a certain idea, and John was down with that idea. We wanted to record live — we wanted to have it sound like when we perform. [John] kept up with how fast we wanted to move, how quickly we wanted to record, and he was very open to our ideas.”

The three-song EP, titled “The Villain” after its featured track, has no release date yet and is currently being mixed and mastered.  According to Goodwin — who goes by Jaybird Goodie when on stage — they plan to release it as soon as possible and then build up to a full-length album in the next year or so. He explained the appeal of releasing an EP, which is a popular format for bands right now.

“I think it has to do with people’s attention spans,” Goodwin says. “Some people are still buying LPs, but a lot of people are just listening to things from Spotify or iTunes or um, Bandcamp, and they just want to hear, like, a little bit, you know? It’s a good thing and it’s a bad thing. It’s a good thing that they’re at least going to listen to something, but the bad thing is, being an artist, I want to show them my whole palette of what I’m doing. But, if three songs, or five songs, is their attention span, if it is what they want to hear and they’ll enjoy, then that’s what we’ll do — and it’s mostly cost-effective.”

The Got It Got It Need It 2The Got It Got It Need It started as a duo with Goodwin and a good friend, who have since gone their separate ways, and is now a four-piece with Goodwin, Josh Garrett on guitar, Dustin DeMattio on drums and, the most recent addition, Reed Parker on bass. Goodwin describes the band’s sound with the current lineup as being “less jazzy and bluesy and more just straight-ahead rock.” The band’s first EP, appropriately titled “First EP,” was released last June with the original lineup, but Goodwin is excited for the new one, as it features this thicker, fuller version of the band.

“[The first EP] took a really long time, and we recorded it in a step-by-step process,” he explains. “I was happy with it at the time, but it’s just that the next one that’s coming out will blow the old one away.”

Goodwin is the band’s main songwriter, and he describes his creative process as being “the usual process.” He generally sits down with his guitar to work out the guitar and vocals parts, which he then records with an app on his phone so that he can remember them. He will then either email the ideas to the other members of the band or bring the recordings to practice for the other members to get the idea, so they can figure out the song together. However, while songwriting and practicing are necessary, he really enjoys performing for a live audience.

“When we’re writing and practicing, I’m really lighthearted and open to ideas and really thinking about working and stuff like that, but on stage I am a different animal. Like, believe it or not, I’m a pretty big dude, like almost seven foot tall and 300 pounds, but when I’m on stage, I’m jumping around that stage,” he says. “The only reason why when we play Musica I’m not on those subwoofers on the sides of the stage is because I have to sing. It becomes an adrenaline rush, so I’m not even seeing the room anymore — I’m not even feeling the ground.”

Goodwin thinks the Northeast Ohio music scene is a good place to be a fan of music, comparable to that of Nashville, Tenn., New Orleans or Austin, Texas.

The Got It Got It Need It 3“I like that there’s rock ‘n’ roll fans. You know, there’s always people that like hip-hop and R&B, and of course there’s always a big country crowd around here,” he says. “But there’s people out there that want to go out on a Friday and Saturday night, or any night of the week, and they want to see a live rock ‘n’ roll band play, and they don’t care — they want to see local and see what you’ve got, kind of thing, which is very rare. People don’t know how lucky we are. You can go and see something pretty decent almost every weekend.”

The Got It Got It Need It recently shared Musica’s stage with Southern Ohio’s Buffalo Killers (whose 2008 album, “Let It Ride,” was produced by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach), and on June 11 will be opening for Nashville-based rock band Simo, whose members are currently on a national tour.

“This is fun. This band has been together for five years,” Goodwin says. ““I am the longest lasting member, and this is the most fun it’s ever been. You know, the songs are really good, the performances are really spot on — there are worse things that I could be doing with my time.”


Gabe Gott was born during a showing of “This is Spinal Tap,” and has been a music fan ever since. His amps also go up to 11.