Big Idea: The Square Scullery Food Truck


SquareScullery13Name: Matthew J. Ulichney
Age: 29
Occupation: Chef, Catering Chef, Cook, food truck owner operator and everything else in between.
Home town: Norton, Ohio
Home Now: Akron Ohio, Highland Square, The 330!
Contact: 330-760-9123,


SquareScullery10Name: Heather Ulichney
Age: 27
Occupation: Professional Photographer/ Owner operator of Retro Peacock Photos. Right hand boss lady of Square Scullery Food Truck
Hometown: Akron, Ohio
Home Now: Akron, Ohio, Highland Square, The 330!
Contact: 330-907-9755,


Our big idea is to provide the streets and events of Akron as well as the rest of Northeast Ohio with Chef-inspired, locally sourced modern comfort food. We will offer ever changing seasonal menus to highlight the best of what Ohio has to offer.

Why pursue it?
Matt Ulichney: Because I crave it! We’ve gotten this far in life by taking major risks, to pursue our dreams, so why would this be any different?  There is nothing more gratifying to me than feeding people. Whether it’s family, friends or complete strangers. I love everything that comes with what I do. The blisters, burns, sweat, long hours, living life in a constant state of chaos. It is something  that is addicting. With the love and support of my wife and two boys, I am always searching to do the next bigger and better thing. When the opportunity to make a long term goal a reality we had no other choice but to dive in head first.

When did you know your Big Idea was a good idea?
We still don’t know if it was a good idea, but we do know it’s a big one. (haha!). Our friends and family thought we were a little crazy to throw everything that we had into doing this. However, we do know that Akron is an amazing city where the opportunity to thrive is present. When we started talking to everyone around us about what we were setting out to do the excitement and support just came pouring in. We have taken every opportunity to show people what we create and have had nothing but the desire to want more.

How do you hope your big idea helps Akron grow?
We hope to help Akron grow by showing the people in the community what all their city has to offer. We want to not only purchase as much as possible from local providers but promote them as well by letting people know where their food is coming from. We also will be giving back to our community by once a month providing meals to people in need as well as the people that help keep Akron as great as it is.


Help this big idea come to fruition by contributing to The Square Scullery kickstarter campaign here.

(All photos by Retro Peacock Photos)