Illuminating Chain

How two local makers illuminate the dark with their creative creations

by Sarah Koester

Whiskertin_2Having long been interested in using leftover materials for a more creative process, K Company employee Aaron Novak has successfully done so with friend and business partner, Glenn Miller.

Their endeavor began six months ago when Novak brought some ductwork home from a job site. Alongside Miller, they drilled holes in a piece of pipe, wired it with a generic white extension cord and made their first lamp in Novak’s basement. While they were happy with the end result, they wanted feedback. They posted pictures of the lamp online and orders from their friends started pouring in for stock pulley lights and for larger industrial fixtures, complete with an upgraded brown and yellow braided cord with a vintage plug.

Whiskertin_1As their products started to gain attention, their friend Andrew Wells ( built a website and created a brand for the business, now officially called Whiskertin.

“Andy has been a huge part of our success,” said Novak. “He took our idea, polished it, and made it a real thing.”

Even though Miller and Novak had more orders than they knew what to do with, they wanted to branch out beyond their circle of friends.

After the site was completed, 118 Cocktail Bar in Green approached Whiskertin. Impressed with their work, they ordered multiple pulley lights and a 7-foot light fixture. The same day, they met with Great Lakes Brewery, who ordered six hanging light fixtures to be made from their kegs. They are also currently working with Matinee and Mr. Zub’s, Salon Lift in Cuyahoga Falls, Dr. Howard Nagle Dentistry in Hermitage, PA, and a Rust Belt-themed bar, El Dorado, set to open in Austin, TX.

Whiskertin stock lamps are currently for sale at Hazel Tree Interiors. For more items, check out Whisterkin’s Facebook page. The cost of stock lamps ranges from $90 to $300.

To see more items or make a special order, contact Miller and Novak on their Facebook page: or at

(Photos courtesy of Aaron Novak)