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The Big Idea: R. Shea Brewing

Why Ron, what’s the Big Idea with R. Shea Brewing?


Name:  Ron Shea, Jr.

Age:  40

Hometown/Home now: Akron all my life.  

Occupation: Starting a brewery, running a website for triathletes.  

Contact: ron@rsheabrewing.com


What’s your Big idea?

As corny as it sounds, bring good, local beer to Akron using Akron water and American ingredients from a 100% Akronite living in the Valley during most of his formative years.  My place is a reflection of me as a person, so it’s not just about the beer.

Why pursue it?

The climate is good.  I’m 40, so I have learned a lot, researched plenty and have put some money away for an opportunity like this—to go bigger and professional.

When did you know your Big Idea was a good idea?

Not to sound cocky, but it was always a good idea. It was just a matter of timing. I like to please people with a good product.  I have great customer service and I love the customer!  It was always a matter of timing.  The timing is now right.

How do you hope your Big Idea helps Akron grow?

Local breweries were always a big part of Akron and still are with Thirsty Dog, Hoppin’ Frog and Trailhead.  I hope to build on that with a place that is clearly unique from those mentioned.  I have tried to involve my kids in every step of the way in this so they feel ownership too—“yeah, I did built that!”  I would love to have them take over years from now with their fresh ideas.   


R. Shea Brewing is located at 1662 Merriman Rd, Akron, OH 44313

Check out their website

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