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New Akronite Guide to Food in 2016

by Holly Brown

Having successfully completed my first year in Akron this past August, I know what it’s like to be a new Akronite. Here’s a short list of a few (of the many) staples that a new Akronite must try. ASAP. Go right now.


Favorite Winter Warmer:

Thai Pho’s Thai Pho – The combination of the spicey-ness and the steamy-ness ensure that there is no way you will leave still chilled. Every single bite is different, with rich meats and long noodles.


nuevoFavorite Summer Rejuvenation:

Nuevo’s Margarita Flight Enjoyed on the Upstairs Porch – With a magnificent view of downtown Akron, lightly brightened by twinkle lights, it’s hard to beat Nuevo’s porch to kick back on at the end of a long week. Margarita flavors range from jalapeño cilantro to passionfruit and are ever-rotating. Nuevo also offers a pick-your-own-rim on the margarita flight (my personal favorite? the smokey salt).


Favorite Bite Consistency:

Swensons’ Galley Boy – I only want a Galley Boy ever. The kick of the tang and the subtle sweetness of the sauces encasing a deliciously decadent meat patty? Never soggy buns and every single bite incorporating each and every flavor and part of the burger from the cheese to the meat to the bread to the sauce? Best bite consistency I know of. Always order with onion, pickles, lettuce. Always cry when the last bite is over.


gas alleyFavorite Hangover Cure:

Gasoline Alley’s Bloody Mary – Whenever I’m in need of coming back to life, I want Gasoline Alley. Not only a cove of comfort food, but the home of the best bloody mary I’ve had. When the headache and the bottomless pit of hunger are in it to win it, this bloody mary is a two for one. It’s a meal in itself, decked with shrimp, cucumber, cherry tomato, pickle, olives, celery. Not to mention the bloody itself which is spicy and will kick any head pangs out with a vengeance.


craveFavorite Eclectic Menu:

Crave – This is probably a surprise to no one as at Crave you can order anything from lamb shank to ahi tuna to a pulled pork sandwich to fried green tomatoes and everything is equally as good. I can go to Crave no matter what I am in the mood for. Special shout out to the buttermilk fried alligator tail which I can never seem to stray from.


Favorite Sandwich:

Mr. Zub’s Deli’s David St. Hubbins – Though I have tried many, many different sandwiches over the last year at Mr. Zub’s, I honestly cannot resist the David St. Hubbins. For starters, I love turkey. Secondly, I love bacon. Thirdly, onion & chive cream cheese on a bagel might be my biggest weakness. You put all of that together, it’s at once crisp and greasy, a monumental feat, and the perfect fix when I want to stuff my face.


Favorite Cheese Fix:

The Lockview’s The Number Seven – Much like Zub’s, I have had many grilled cheeses at the Lockview. Number Seven with smoked gouda, tomato slices, and fresh basil ceases to be surpassed as my ultimate in cheese comfort. If you’re like me and cannot have your cheese need ever satiated, be sure to order the fried macaroni and cheese bites and the potato croquettes


Favorite Taco:

Ranchero’s Taqueria’s Al Pastor – Ranchero’s is so delightful. It is a humble place that does what it does well. Their Al Pastor tacos are the perfect mix of sweet and savory with spiced pork and bits of pineapple all rolled together. I’m drooling while writing this.


rays pubFavorite Place to Go on Thursday:

Capri to Ray’s Pub’s Power Hour – From 8 o’clock to 9 o’clock on Thursdays, Ray’s Pub doles out dollar domestics. Since I am in graduate school and I get out of class at 7:50 on Thursdays, it is my ritual to rush to Ray’s as fast as I can as to have minimal time without a Rolling Rock in my hand. Though, before I get my drink on at the end of a grueling week of school, I swing to Capri for a slice (or two) of pizza. Always there and quick to get in my belly, I’m especially happy when I see something with black olives or mushrooms sizzling under the counter warmer.


Favorite Appetizer:

Craft Beer Bar’s Soft Pretzel Rolls – Simple and perfect. I didn’t know I needed this soft pretzel in my life until I had it. I haven’t looked back. This heavenly roll is warm and buttery, not too salty, and served with a side of scallion cream cheese (see bit above about chive & onion cream cheese). I. Am. Telling. You. I crave this stuff constantly. Just as good as the pretzel is the beer selection, feel free to wash it down.
In the New Year, Holly Brown plans to go on even more exciting new food adventures. Also to drink more water.