Copali: Photo by Shane Wynn

Standing Room: Six Akron Bands We Think You Should Know

To hear a diverse sampling of some of our best local talent, listen to DJ Roger Riddle’s “All Akron, All the Time,” featuring Eriq Troi, Gretchen Pleuss, The Admirables, Copali, A-Minus, bluelight, G.S. Schray, the Soul Toronadoes and many others.



Copali’s original tunes combine fusion, funk and jazz into a unique sound. All of the band members come from diverse musical backgrounds making for an eclectic and fun mix of instruments. The songs intertwine the saxophone, clarinet, guitar, and bass for a bizarre yet wonderful sound that surprises you with each note. The main performer, Blain Klein, plays the steel pans. Klein writes most of the music, and also teaches private lessons on the side. Their debut CD “Copali” is available at Their next concert will take place at the Empire Concert Club and Bar on Tuesday, January 15 at 7pm.



If you’re into the hard rock and the heavy metal genre, the Devilstrip band is where you need to be. Band members Marc Wasmund, Jimmy Gray, and Craig Lindgren work to provide listeners with a distinct combination of soul and alternative rock. Wasmund is the lead vocal and guitar player for the band. Right now, the Devilstrip is touring. Their next show will take place at The Grog Shop in Cleveland on Saturday, January 30.



Ultrasphinx, an alternative rock band, consists of members Aaron Rogers, Ian Cummins and Joe Dennis. Since 2012, Ultrasphinx’s Aaron Roger’s relentless guitar and voice has graced the ears of many. Their music has been described as “hypnotic” and “grotesque,” as well as “very unique” by fans of the band. Their album ‘Ultrasphinx” is available at


moustacheyourselfMoustache Yourself

Moustache Yourself prides themselves on being Akron’s only Gypsy Jazz Quartet. Based on the the music of famous jazzist Django Reinhardt, Moustache Yourself’s contagious tunes have fascinated listeners since the band’s inception. The band includes Jeremy Jones, Brent Hamker, Brad Wagner, and Matthew DeRubertis. Most of the members rock nifty mustaches. Their next appearance will occur on January 23 at Old 97 Cafe in Kenmore.


emmashepardEmma Sheperd

If you love indie music, don’t miss out on Emma Shepard’s album “Public Displays of Affection.” Her soft, melodic voice, as well as her strong lyrics are captivating. From Kent, Shepard has been writing music since she was a small child and plays all over Akron. She lists artists like Regina Spektor and Emily Haines as influences. You can find her on and



Guitar driven band Relaxer’s easy-going tunes are perfect for night-driving. The psychedelic tunes are complex and unique. Lead singer Joe Scott has a chilling voice. Scott, alongside Jamie Stillman, Steve Clements and Brad Thorla bring the psychedelic rock genre to life. Their next concert will take place in on Saturday, January 9, at 9pm at Brothers Drake Meadery in Columbus. Their latest album “Laser” is available at Follow them on Facebook