We saw something that night | SmART Studio’s ‘Twin Peaks’-themed party

words and photos by Megan Combs

Painting on a canvas from scratch has never been my thing. First off, I can’t even draw on paper, so painting a television character from scratch in front of a bunch of other people seemed scary.

But when I found out SmART Studio was hosting a painting party featuring characters from the television show “Twin Peaks,” I had to join. Plus, it was at Uncorked Wine Bar. What could go wrong?

My dad, six other people and I spent the night painting our favorite character: First coloring the back of a blown up photo of the character with charcoal, and then tracing it to the canvas. I chose Agent Dale Cooper, my dad chose Audrey Horne, several people chose the Log Lady, and oddly enough, no one painted poor Laura Palmer.

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Once we traced our characters onto the canvas, it was basically a paint-by-numbers from there. And with the help of SmART’s Jennifer Davis, we were all pros by the end. She gave us pointers on mixing primary colors to get the color we needed, as well as how to shade and paint noses (which are really hard, by the way).

Join Davis and SmART Studio for the November event “Have Yourself A Murray Little Xmas,” where aspiring artists can paint their favorite Bill Murray character. In fact, it was so popular Davis had to add a second date. The first event is at 4 p.m. on Nov. 28 at Summit Art Space, and their second event is at noon on Nov. 29 at the Akron Art Museum.

SmART Studio is based in Akron and offers workshops for artists of all ages and skill level.

Megan, still an amateur painter, is much less afraid to paint in public now that she knows the secret to success.