Flashback Friday | That time ghost hunters staked out Jilly’s Music Room

It’s Halloween and we’re all, more or less, thinking about the spooky stuff, watching horror movies and getting all worked up about ghosts. Well, there are some folks who are on that level all year long and you can count the Munroe Falls Paranormal Society among that number.

As we started looking at fun stories to pursue for the October issue, we reached out to Jill Bacon Madden, owner of Jilly’s Music Room, because we’d heard MFPS had been out a few times to do some ghost hunting in the building, including back when it was Northside Bar. In a building that was an original Burkhardt’s Beer Bar and at some point a brothel, you can imagine what you’d hear if those walls could talk. That’s pretty much what MFPS set out to discover: If the walls were talking.

Well, one thing a print magazine doesn’t do well is video, so we decided just to share online the videos MFPS took during their multiple investigations. Did they find anything? Well, you’ll have to watch but take it from Jill, who says, “Yes—the ghosts—there are several.”

Yeah… so maybe next year we’ll get the nerve to do an overnight stakeout of our own. For now, enjoy — if you dare — these episodes of “Mysterious Midwest,” shot and produced by the Munroe Falls Paranormal Society.