In Review | How to hang with ‘Boogers, Witches and Haints’

words by Alyssa Keown & photos by Michael Carrino, special to The Devil Strip

Wandering Aesthetics successfully captures their audience with both laughter and fright with their storytelling production “Boogers, Witches and Haints: Spooky Stories from Appalachia.” The show is being presented at 15 Broad St. in Akron’s historic Middlebury neighborhood and the performance company welcomes all with hospitality and enthusiasm.

IMG_2832Incorporating the company’s unique style, Benjamin Rexroad (Co-Artistic Director of Wandering Aesthetics) produced a show you will not find anywhere else. The production economically utilizes a minimalistic set, allowing solo-performer Kyle Jozsa to rely on his phenomenal storytelling talent to create the imagery and characters within the stories. He accomplishes this with wild, dramatic gestures and an abundance of voices.

With these skills, Jozsa walks audiences through the trails of Appalachia and into different hostels where the artistic duo picked up the three frightening tales they present throughout the show. By moving all about the stage, and even jumping into the audience, Jozsa brings the audience to laughter and fright during these superstitious legends that Wandering Aesthetics took from the mountains and brought back to Akron, Kent, and many more places to come.

The performance is open this coming weekend and I recommend, anyone looking for something new to experience in the theatre, go see this hour-long production of funny and eerie ghost stories.

“Boogers, Witches and Haints”
Oct. 29- 30 and Nov. 5-7 at 8 pm
15 Broad St., Akron 44305
Special performance of the family-friendly “Scared Silly” on Sunday, November 8 at 2:30 pm. Tickets are available at the door and online at for $15 each. Reservations may also be made by calling 330-990-5138. Seating is limited so pre-orders are recommended.