AUDIO: Scarborough discusses Rickel’s errant application CV

UA President Scott Scarborough and Chairman Jonathon Pavloff addressed the media after the Board of Trustees meeting. At the end, I asked about Dr. Todd Rickel’s CV. Here’s that exchange.

This audio clip begins with the end of Scarborough’s answer about the renovations on the presidential residence. The next voice is VP of Advancement Larry Burns, saying there is only time for one more question and then asking Akron Beacon Journal report Rick Armon if he has a question. After Scarborough answers, I say I have a question to ask. Burns says, “Nope, we’re good.” Pavloff addresses Armon’s question. Afterwards, I insist on asking one more question and Scarborough obliges.

Scarborough said, “We briefed the board on that topic today and what we learned is that all those presentations were given and these were just title errors that had been corrected and reposted.”

Challenged that the errors included changing the conferences where the talks allegedly took place, Scarborough said, “My understanding is that these were just inconsequential changes to the title that were corrected.”

He says he looked at both CVs side-by-side and was not bothered by the “title differences.” I attempt to clarify that the “title differences” were about radically different subjects, involved difference conferences and in one case, a different year.

After I ask if Rickel would appear at any of the conferences he listed in his application packet but later removed, Scarborough says, “We concluded these were honest mistakes that were corrected immediately and didn’t have an impact on the hiring decision.”

Burns then ends the media question session after 17 minutes, and directs us to University spokesman Wayne Hill for follow up.

Here’s how each “title difference” changed after the resume was updated:

“The Sustainable University” at the 2013 WASC conference  became “Partnering Without Tears: Co-Sourcing for Student Success and Mutual Profit” at the 2012 WASC conference.

“Technology, Retention and Sustainability in Practice” at the 2012 USDLA conference became “Beyond Facebook: Creating the NextGen Social Media Communities of the 21st Century” at the 2012 USDLA conference.

“Higher Education Partnerships: Mutual benefits across two and four year institutions” at the 2012 AACC convention became “Community College Baccalaureate Degree Inflation: Careful What You Wish For” at the 2012 CCBA conference. Rickel omitted “Exploring New Frontiers in the Community College RN to BSN Megatrend” panel, also at the 2012 CCBA conference, claiming he didn’t have evidence of it and therefore left it off, despite both panels being listed in the conference program and a newsletter for the organization.

Still awaiting responses from the university about why Dr. Todd Rickel was on the review committee for the RN-to-BSN online nursing program RFP that closed January 9, which was before he delivered his job talk (January 20), before his hiring was approved by the board (February 11) and before his official start date (March 1).