Rickel says ‘three errors’ he made on CV were ‘careless mistakes’

Update time!

Below, you can read the university’s official responses to questions regarding Dr. Todd Rickel’s two conflicting resumes–both omissions and undocumented scholarly presentations–in his own words, as well as the University of Akron’s provost explaining why these errors don’t bother the administration.

First, a correction: Dean Ravi Krovi, from the College of Business Administration, was the chair of the search committee for the Dean of CAST, not Dr. Rex Ramsier. (I will make that correction in the story about Dean Rickel. The university did not request any other corrections in that story.)

As you’ll notice in the responses, plenty of questions are left unanswered still, so these are the follow-up questions I emailed back for the public’s clarification and understanding. As soon as I receive a response, I’ll share those too.


1.) When Dr. Rickel says, “The three errors were careless mistakes and they were corrected within hours of my being notified of them along with my submission of evidence for the correct presentations and an apology for the error,” is he saying that he actually attended the panels he listed on his CV but just that he can’t back that up?

2) How does he explain leaving off of the first version of his CV the three panels that could be verified, which were later put on the updated version? What about that explanation satisfied Provost Sherman and the administration?

3) Why was Dr. Rickel on the review committee for the RN-to-BSN nursing RFP, which closed January 9, when he hadn’t even given his job talk until January 20, hadn’t been approved by the Board of Trustees until February 11 and had a start date of March 1?

4) If Dean Rickel fixed the “careless mistakes” he made on his CV “within hours of (his) being notified of them” then why does the updated version say it was updated February 11, 2015? Does that mean that he was not notified until February 10 at the earliest? And if so, does that mean that the search committee didn’t notice the mistakes until February 10? And if that is the case, how did they miss those errors during the vetting process?

5) Also, will you please provide a copy of the apology and presentation evidence Dean Rickel says he sent to the administration?