BIG IDEAS: Nick Petroski, OSC Tech Lab & the Launch League

Hey Nick, what’s the BIG IDEA with the Launch League?

photography by Svetla Morrison

See more of her work, including her Akron’s Big Ideas series, at her website here

Name: Nick Petroski
Age: 29
Hometown/Home now: I grew up in West Akron and now live in Cuyahoga Falls.
Occupation: Founder of OSC Tech Lab & Launch League
Contact: or, and on Twitter @osctechlab or @launchleague

Nick2What’s your Big idea?

“We’re making it possible to build a startup in Akron. Launch League exists to bring together scalable startup founders, early stage employees, investors, and support organizations through events that are both entertaining and educational.”

Why do you pursue your Big Idea?

“I’m building this because a few years ago, when I was trying to build my startup there was nothing like this. There wasn’t a community, there was an “old-boys” network. I believe anyone should be able to build something if they have the talent. It shouldn’t be limited to those with the right connections.”

When did you know your Big Idea would be a good idea?

“Every time someone comes and tells me how much this community has helped them. There have been a LOT of ups and downs during this process and getting those small reaffirmations that what you’re doing is making an impact is key. Having founders of successful startups seek you advice lets me know what we’re doing is working.”

How do you hope your Big Idea makes Akron a little better?

“Launch League will make it so that anyone who wants to start a scalable startup has the connections, resources, and support necessary to be successful. This along with the 1000 other reasons why Akron is awesome will draw talented and ambitious entrepreneurs to our city. Akron will once again live up to its ‘city of invention’ moniker.”

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