‘Punk meets metal’ at Chuck’s for show honoring Jeremy Hahn’s devotion to local music

“Love one another, babies!”: Jeremy Hahn is the Most Interesting Person We Know This Week

by Joanna Wilson


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jeremy hahn flyerJeremy Hahn’s Memorial Show

Saturday, April 4

6 pm at Chuck’s Steakhouse (FREE)
456 E South St, Akron

To honor Jeremy Hahn’s memory and his passion for local music, his friends are doing his “Punk Meets Metal” thing with an “outlaw” twist, featuring a lineup that includes AJ DeJulius, May Day Riots, Dead Again, The Said So, Ties That Bind, Last Days Pay and Flames Burn Black.[/su_box]


Sometimes one plus one equals three. That was Jeremy Hahn’s vision. He saw the potential for the local music scene to be bigger and better than the sum of its parts. Splitting his time as bassist/vocalist for punk band Spiderwood while working at Chuck’s Steakhouse, the popular music venue in South Akron, Jeremy followed his personal mantra—“Love one another, babies!”—to do more than just pull people together; he was helping build the local music scene.

jeremy hahn 1Then the unthinkable happened. Jeremy suddenly passed away in February at the age of 43.

Now, people in the music scene he supported are set to prove Jeremy’s vision correct.

Jeremy had already organized two punk-meets-metal shows—a line-up of punk bands alternating with metal bands on the bill—and had plans to organize a third one. This third show is going to happen Saturday, April 4 with his friends picking up where he left off. Fittingly, they’re calling it Jeremy Hahn’s Memorial Show.

Bob Stewart, of the band Flames Burn Black, says, “The punk meets metal shows were important to Jeremy because they united two genres of music with one common goal—to support each other.”

“We’re hoping to celebrate Jeremy’s life as he would have liked it,” his friend Crystal Serva Stewart says.

Considering the way he lived, that’s a tall order.

“Jeremy was larger than life. The most outgoing and confident man. He truly never met a stranger,” his girlfriend Beverly Erickson says, “He was all about supporting all local bands and venues. He would promote shows that he was not even a part of. He just had such a passion for music and people.”

Beverly pointed me towards a Facebook post by Joe Thompson from the band Last Days Pay that sums it up, almost like a mission statement.

“His dream was to unite all the little factions of music into one big loving scene…Now it’s up to all of us to carry on Jeremy’s legacy. Enough with the bullshit, the pretty squabbles, the childish bickering and shit talking. It’s time for all of us as Akron/Canton musicians and fans to get over it all and become one.”

jeremy hahn spiderwoodSpiderwood, a classic, three-piece punk band that entertained northeast Ohio audiences with a blend of original music and covers since 2012, wasn’t just about beer and tattoos. In addition to the band’s energy and sense of humor—as evidenced by their off-beat gig posters—they also played at the Rock for Autism Benefit at Chuck’s.

Judging from the outpouring of sentiments from Jeremy’s friends, co-workers, family and bandmates, the grief and loss to the local music scene is obvious. Perhaps his memorial show will prove to be the catalyst that brings our music scene’s bands and fans together to continue the community-building that was so important to him.

If that happens, there could be no more-fitting tribute to the man who worked so hard to nurture the local music scene.