Ready… Set… Leggo! The Magical St. Patty’s Day Triple Launch Party at Musica

Musica opens for business at 10 am on St. Patrick’s Day and I won’t be there when they do, even though this is where we’re having our launch party. That’s because, at 10 am, I’ll be at the printers tossing bundles of papers into the back of my vehicle. After a few minutes, during which I’ll weep softly as I cradle a copy in my arms like a newborn, I’ll hit Route 8 and head straight downtown to drop off bundles at Musica and Urban Eats, among other places.

Most of the rest of the day will be just like that, hopping from one spot to the next until I run out of time and head home for a quick shower.

Which means I’ll be at the Magical St. Patty’s Day Triple Launch Party around 7:30-8 p.m., which is right around when the fun begins. As the name suggests, there are three launches Tuesday evening–the first issue of The Devil Strip, the christening of the new bar at Musica and the debut public appearance of Jeff Klemm & the Letters.

Here’s the schedule o’ events:

5-7 pm – Happy Hour with a Raffle Basket and Ping-pong

7:30 pm – Christening the new bar

8 pm – Jeff Klemm & the Letters

9 pm – Time Cat

All day, there’ll be food–Urban Eats is cookin’ up corned beef, cabbage and roasted potatoes–and, of course, booze. Some of that there booze will be creatively mixed with NORKA Soda, and naturally, pretty much all the libations will at some point be green

If you missed it, JCK dropped science in our inaugural, web exclusive installment of “8 Questions” in which he explains not only the secrets to life and the mysteries of the universe, but more importantly what his new band is all about.

There’s a chance I might say something, should the mood in the room permit it–i.e. – no throwing of rotten veggies and/or empty beer bottles (“Roadhouse” scarred me, man)–and either way, Time Cat will soon after take control the stage and therefore the party.

Do not expect me to be sober all night. If I am, then the leprechauns win.