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Sneak peek at the first issue and “You’re So Akron If…”

Just a friendly heads up, friends. At 11:59 pm on Saturday, February 28, we’re going to stop taking entries for the “You’re So Akron If…” contest. Then we move into the very difficult task of figuring out which to include in our inaugural print issue, which debuts on Tuesday, March 17.

Here’s how it works: Come up with a witty, truthful or insightful way to finish “You’re so Akron if…” and then CLICK HERE to share it with us. You can make multiple entries, if you like. Our favorite ones will be published in the very first issue of The Devil Strip.

Since you brought up that first issue of The Devil Strip–it wasn’t you? Then who?–here’s a little teaser, a new look for the cover and layout for the insides. Still tinkering with the style and such but this should help give you an idea. (Ignore the dummy copy, the ad and references to Georgia.)

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