#ImagineAkron | What happens when the Rubber City dares to dream big?

just kidding get back to workWe jumped into this a little on the late side. By the time we saw the conversation on Twitter, several folks had already taken a crack at answering the question Cory St. Esprit and others were asking, “What could our city look like?” And to drive home the point, they took a choose-your-own-adventure approach, tweeting this fill-in-the-blanks idea generator: “Imagine an Akron where…”

But why would that be important?

Akron, like people, has to think big to make big things happen. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck in a rut. It’s like The Biebs said, “If you don’t dream big, there’s no use of dreaming.” (Bet he meant to say, Beliebing.) And it’s also like smarter, less pop-star-y people have said about dreams: Having them matters but it’s just phase one. You need to the work to go along with it. Fortunately, Akron isn’t afraid of a little hard work. The city just needs some dreams to put that hard work towards.

That’s what made this so exciting. After you scroll through all the #ImagineAkron tweets, you see a clear pattern: It’s all about Akron being its best self, not some version of Cleveland or copycatting another big city. It’s about Akron doing Akron.

Here are some of our favorites below. See what ideas it inspires for you, and please share your own in the comments, on Twitter or Facebook!



And a couple of our own: