Hey, look at that. It’s time to vote. Maybe you have already. Or, maybe you’re just now emerging out of a hangover cocoon born from your debaucherous Halloween weekend.

Voting stickers lay on a table at the Kings Art Center in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio was one of the 2012 election’s most hotly contested states. (Jay LaPrete/Getty Images)

Voting stickers lay on a table. (Jay LaPrete/Getty Images)

Either way, as long as you’re registered to vote, you should hit the polls. You may think it’s boring, but it’s important. Maybe more so on the local and state level than the national since, as John Oliver points out, they haven’t done much legislation-wise in Washington lately.

Don’t know where you vote? …or if you’re even registered to vote? CLICK HERE to simply search your name on the Summit County Board of Elections website. They’ll tell you.

If you’re able to vote, a sample ballot will pop up by your name so you can see what you’ll be voting on today. It should look something like this.

The biggies for almost all of us: Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Treasurer and State Auditor. For these races, check out the state elections website.

Locally, in Summit County, we’re voting on three ballot issues, Issue 12  being the most significant as a 10-year quarter-percent (i.e. – 1/4 of 1%) tax to fund the county jail, upgrades for communications equipment and the 9-1-1 system.

For a run-down of the races for judges, state representatives, congressional candidates, etc., you can learn more at the League of Women Voters Akron area page (and Kent, and Hudson), or by reading the Akron Beacon Journal’s endorsements.

But before you walk out that door, make sure you have your ID on you. (Here’s what will work and what won’t. [Note: a box of frozen fish sticks isn’t listed as improper ID, but trust me, it won’t count.])

Editor’s Note- Article from 2014

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