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So… what is this thing?

Glad you asked. Right now, this is just a blog. It’ll soon be a website. And a mobile app. And even, we hope soon, a print magazine for all you folks who enjoy the tactile experience.

The idea is to create one place where people who are interested in doing things around Akron can find out what interesting things are happening around Akron. So we’re looking through all the events calendars, Facebook events and pages, tweets and email newsletters to curate what’s most interesting to us around Akron.

What do you mean by “interesting”?

We’re interested in what makes Akron unique. Its local creatives. The artists and musicians, the nonprofits and civic organizations, the entrepreneurs and tech community, the individuals. We like the people, places and things that are moving Akron forward. Pushing the envelop, coming up with new ideas and having fun.

Really, this is your website, your magazine. We just run it.

How is this mine if you run it?

It’s a spiritual gesture, really. We want to connect people and we want to be connected to people. This is the vehicle we’ve chosen for that. So, as The Devil Strip keeps growing and changing and responding to the community around us, we want to hear from you.

Anytime you’ve got something to say, know we’re going to listen. If you want to do more hands-on helping, that’s even better. Either way, drop us a line at AkronDevilStrip (at) gmail (dot) com or at Twitter (@akrondevilstrip) or on Facebook (facebook.com/thedevilstrip).


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