Congrats! You’ve made it to Hump Day and the weekend, if you wanted, could technically start now. Even if you have to wait until Thursday or (gasp!) Friday, check out The Devil Strip‘s guide to the weekend around Akron.

Wednesday, Nov. 5

None Too Fragile Theatre production of On An Average DayNone Too Fragile’s production of “On An Average Day”

7:30 pm at the Akron Civic Theatre (182 South Main St.), $20

This local production of “On An Average Day,” a mystery written by John Kolvenbach that combines “moving psychological drama” and black comedy into “a thrill ride full of twists and turns,” brings None Too Fragile Theatre to the Akron Civic Theatre for ONE NIGHT ONLY. You don’t get second chances to see one night only performances. It’s a rule. This special event is presented by The Club @ the Civic. Call for tickets at 330-253-2488 or visit the website here.




Acoustic Night and Jam Session

7pm at The Empire (1305 E. Tallmadge Ave.)

This one’s for local musicians and the people who love them:



Thursday, Nov. 6

the ladies manSNL’s Jon Lovitz, Tim Meadows and Rob Schneider

8pm at Akron Civic Theatre, $23.25-$40

Anyone alive and of age in the 90s when Saturday Night Live was peaking should be crawling over each other for seats to see Jon Lovitz, Tim Meadows and Rob Schneider do stand-up together. We’d go just for Lovitz and based solely on his hilarious show “The Critic.” (Merely mentioning that will spark some to binge-watching old episodes.) Schneider caught some heat lately for his totally non-scientific view of vaccinations, but comically, he’s still on point. Meadows has never truly received the credit he’s due, if not for his turns on SNL, “The Office,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Mean Girls” then on the strength of his Ladies Man character alone.



Comix author Derf Backderf (“My Friend Dahmer”)

6-8 pm at Fairlawn-Bath Branch, Akron-Summit Library (3101 Smith Rd., Fairlawn), FREE

The writer-artist-creator of “The City,” “Punk Rock and Trailer Parks,” and “My Friend Dahmer,” Derf’s talks are pretty funny but not for those with delicate sensibilities. If you’re curious what it was like growing up with Jeffrey Dahmer as a friend or what the “Akron Sound” era was like, you must go.  



Classic Movie Night: “It Happened One Night”

6:30-8:30 pm at Peninsula Library (6105 Riverview Rd., Peninsula), FREE

Did you know Clark Gable worked in Akron before he became a Hollywood star? Tis true. That’s just one reason to catch his turn as a newspaper reporter in “It Happened One Night” about a wealthy debutante who goes on an undercover journey by Greyhound bus to New York. Randy “Osborne” Bergdorf will share fun movie facts and maybe even his popcorn. For more info, contact Anne Matusz at 330-657-2291 or



“Vita Post Mortum” opening party and art talk with Butch Anthony

6:30-8:30pm at the Akron Art Museum (1 S. High St.), FREE

You get the feeling these Akron Art Museum folks put in long hours to bring you cool stuff. Like, say, coming up with a black-and-white photo booth that spits out pictures of you that look like Butch Anthony’s spooky portraits. Who is Butch Anthony? That’s why you should go to the opening party and art talk. That and the photo booth.  This exhibition of his work, which transforms found and natural object into “one-of-a-kind masterpieces,” runs through January 25, 2015 in the Mary S. and David C. Corbin Foundation Gallery (and follows a recent exhibition alongside the likes of Banksy and Swoon at Black Rat Projects in London. And, there’s live music by Johnny and the Apple Stompers.


Friday, Nov. 7

joshua bellJoshua Bell with the Akron Symphony Orchestra

7:30pm at EJ Thomas Hall, $25-$60 (198 Hill St.)

This is nuts. Joshua “poet of the violin” Bell is in Akron, sandwiched between tour stops in Dallas, Texas and New York, New York. If you can go—and happen to like awesome things—you must. This partnership between Tuesday Musical and the Akron Symphony Orchestra is a big win for you, the people with ears to hear. If you aren’t familiar with his particular brand of goodness, listen here or here or here. That way, you won’t be one of these folks in Washington, D.C. who walked by without recognizing him playing in the subway. Watch that video by clicking here.



Robert Randolph and the Family Band

8:30pm at The Tangier (532 W. Market St. ), $30-$75

Funky, bluesy, butt-moving fun, Robert Randolph is the baddest dude working the pedal steel right now. He’s made fans (and believers) out of Eric Clapton, T-Bone Burnett, Ben Harper, Leon Russell and Carlos Santana. So if you’re looking for the kind of show that could double as a cardio workout, get thee to the Tangier. Witness this groove. 

Moustache Yourself

7:30pm at Blu Jazz+ (47 E. Market St.), $8

First, that name. Who cares what they sound like? Except you do and that’s a good thing, especially if you’re into bands that “creatively render the French gypsy-style music of famous guitarist Django Reinhardt.” (Not that oneThis one.) Plus, it gives you a chance to peep the latest addition to downtown Akron’s nightlife scene, the all new Blu Jazz+.



Prof Bone

6:30-9pm at Square Records (824 W. Market St), FREE

Music, right? Nope. I mean, yeah. You can buy and enjoy music at Square Records, but Prof Bone is a group of Akron artists who collectively “doodle with little or no planning.” The Curatorial Collective did a nice write-up about it. Read it here and go to the show, which runs through November 16.


Saturday, Nov. 8

Dear-White-People-poster-wpcf_400x592“Dear White People”

4:15pm & 9:15 pm at The Nightlight (30 N. High St.), $6.50-$8.50

Yeah, it opens up Friday (and runs through the 20th) but the first early showing is Saturday and if you wanted to go then, you’d still have your evening free to eat, drink and be merry, as long as you didn’t eat and drink too much. Regardless, this biting satire “about being a black face in a white place” finally comes to Akron thanks to the good people at the Rubber City’s only indie theatre. I won’t bother trying to explain the movie because I’m just not that smart, but I will say you should watch the trailer by clicking here



Steampunk Godspell

7:30pm at Sandefur Theatre in Guzzetta Hall, $6-$12

You’ve probably never seen parables from the gospels of Matthew and Luke performed to rock music by people in faux science-y Victorian threads—And isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? If the answer is yes then the University of Akron Theatre Program is about to make your weekend. To catch these “playful and poignant” songs, like “God Save the People” and “Day By Day,” call the DTAA Ticket Office 330-972-7895 to get seats.



Octane and Freaks on a Leash

9pm at Rippers Rock House (2727 Manchester Rd.)

If you need to get out a little hard rock rage and you want to hear some big stage talent play tribute to the likes of Staind, the Deftones, Five Finger Death Punch, Mudvayne and Rob Zombie, then get to Rippers. Right now. Don’t even wait until Saturday night. Just camp out so you don’t miss Octane and Korn tribute band Freaks on a Leash.



Experience the Underground Railroad

6-7:30pm at CVNP’s Howe Meadow (4040 Riverview Rd, Peninsula), $17

Take a hike and ride the train to get a glimpse—albeit a mere glimpse—of what it would have been to be a runaway slave escaping to freedom on the Underground Railroad. Given the topic and the language, they recommend you leave the kids at home. To register call 800-468-4070 or visit


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