It’s a work in progress, so keep that in mind, but when this is done–or at least, more done–the Akron Music Directory will house a comprehensive list of local musicians and bands, venues, recording studios and the like. This is just a preview, which includes 25 bands. There are about 85 bands on my list so I have a ways to go before it’s really ready.

SNEAK PEEK: Akron Band Directory

This is one way the Devil Strip will be different online than it will be in print. This resource will be updated with relatively evergreen information to help local music lovers.

But it’ll also be a place for profiles and stories about musicians, recording engineers, local music history, venues and fans. Soon, we’ll roll out our super secret mission with our super secret spy friends who aren’t actually spies at all but hey, they’re secret so whatever.

Most importantly, as it goes along and you say what sucks and what doesn’t, this lil’ effort will reflect what you like, want and need. The “you” being fans and musicians and the industries around that connection.

So what do you think? What do you want to see? How can we help you find and support more local music? (Or more local music fans?) Where do you get your nails done? When is your favorite time of year? Who do you wish you could be? What’s the circumference of the moon?

Man, I’m full of questions today.

PS – The band in the photo on this post is Acid Cats, who you can get to know better here, here and here.

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