Outdoor Gems: Exploring Northeast Ohio | Twin Sister Falls

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words and photos by Anthony Boarman


What’s better than one waterfall? Two! You’ll get that and so much more when hiking to Twin Sister Falls in Brecksville. Twin Sister Falls is located off of the Towpath Trail in the Brecksville Station Road area of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Brecksville is home to some of the best off-trail waterfalls in Northeast Ohio.

Twin Sister Falls is not a secret by any means, but it’s challenging enough to get to that it keeps most casual hikers away. The waterfall at the end of the hike is amazing, but the hike through the gorge area to get to Twin Sister Falls is beautiful during any season. If you want to check this destination out, you’ll have to park at the Brecksville Station Road parking lot right off of Riverview Road. Cross the historic State Road footbridge that goes over the Cuyahoga River until you get to Towpath Trail. Once you reach Towpath, take a left to go north on the trail. You will walk about a quarter of a mile until you see a lone informational sign on your right hand side that reads “Mud Catcher,” which gives some information as to how the man-made stone mud catcher was used during the canal days.

From here you will need to cross through the canal. Here’s the catch, though. When Twin Sister Falls has a heavy flow, the canal can be anywhere from knee to waist deep. During the drier months, you can easily cross onto the rock bed in front of the mud catcher without having to even get your feet wet. Climb up the left side of the hill to get to creek level and enjoy! It is almost impossible to keep your feet dry even from this point, so bring an extra pair of shoes, socks, and sometimes even pants.

In about a quarter to a half of a mile after ducking under and climbing over fallen trees, you will hear the crashing of water around a bend and then you will witness the beauty of Twin Sister Falls. In order to catch a heavy flow, go after a few heavy days of rain. During the winter, the falls will freeze over, which creates a jaw dropping scene. There isn’t a bad season to visit the Twin Sisters because each will give you a unique perspective of this Northeast Ohio gem.

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Anthony Boarman is a social studies teacher and coach at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. He lives in Wallhaven with his wife Emily and his dog Ava. He is a lover of all things Akron. To check out more of his work, follow Anthony on Instagram at @aboarman.

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