ICYMI: Looking for life on Mars, business for the bees and a day in the life of Akron’s homeless

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There’s so much happening around Akron it’s easy to miss a few things, so in this second ICYMI, we’re focused on some big stories that may have fallen between the cracks.

If You Map It, They Will Listen

From March 3 to 5, city leaders are evaluating the Towpath Trail between Mustill Store at North Street and Summit Lake at Kenmore Boulevard, which travels near downtown, adjacent neighborhoods, parks, regional destinations and more. They want your help with the study so use their mapping tool before March 5 to share your thoughts.


Is there life on Mars? Click here to see how this University of Akron professor is helping NASA answer that question


Reason #3 to VOTE for Akron Honey: “We share the ideas that helped us succeed.”

The Akron Honey Company wants to bring $25,000 of FedEx money to the Rubber City but he needs your help to make it happen. Check out this post by Brent Wesley to VOTE for Akron Honey!


akronist homelessAs cold as it gets here, some of us feel lucky to survive it, but we do it with plenty of help from our heavy coats and central heating. But have you ever wondered how the homeless survive the winters in northeast Ohio?

The Akronist recently published the final segment of a mini-series profiling one of Akron’s homeless citizens. It’s a compelling read: “A Day in the Life of Akron’s Homeless





Last week’s installment of ICYMI… in case you missed it.


The best thing about starting up The Devil Strip is getting to know a bunch of cool people who are doing cool things. Sometimes, these cool things and these cool people fly under the radar. Sometimes, you’ve heard of them, but they have news and updates and all kinds of good stuff. So, I’m starting a little weekly round-up called, In Case You Missed It.

Like the Cuyahoga Valley National Park getting the National Geographic treatment.

“If you’ve ever daydreamed about fleeing your desk to start a farm, or trading in your mortgage to live in a national park, doing both at the same time might feel like winning a custom-made lottery… Lease holders live in single-family renovated farm structures within the park. Only three coveted leases will be awarded in this cycle, and the NPS doesn’t see another call for applications in the foreseeable future.”

Curated from National Park Offers Farmland of the People, by the People, for the People – The Plate: Mary Beth Albright

MORE: Find out about Countryside’s classes and events from now through May

Have you tried a NORKA yet? 

Pop the top. Admire the attention to detail, that large white “N” alone in the middle of a field of red on that metal crown. Feel the glass bottle in your hand; appreciate its light heft. Know it’s only a matter of blind fate that made this drink possible. Okay, now take a sip.

Here’s what Brad’s Brew Review had to say about NORKA’s root beer.

(I can personally attest to the ginger ale, especially with a splash or two of bourbon.)

It seems like every other day they announce more places you can find this Akron-born beverage.

At Dina’s Days, Dina Younis posted a great write-up about this month’s #Akron2Akron tour of North Hill.

“I’ve always had this simple philosophy: it’s sort of silly to not love where you live. I’m not saying we all need to be walking around with neighborhood pride bursting out of our pores, but in order to live a fulfilling life, we need to make the most of our surroundings. My personal vision with Akron2Akron is to fulfill this simple first step: let’s get people excited about where they live and see where that takes us.”

Curated from Dina’s Days: Akron2Akron: North Hill Walking Tour


And at The Akronist, photographer Shane Wynn did an amazing photo essay of the North Hill neighborhood tour.

The Akron2Akron neighborhood tour series recently made its way around the North Hill neighborhood, where stops included Urban Vision youth ministry and Neighbors Apparel clothing shop, along with international markets and a church that hosts a significant international congregation.


Curated from North Hill neighborhood tour features markets, churches, urban youth outreach (Photo Essay) – Akronist





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