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That's my daughter Maddy. She types faster than I do, but it's in her own language.
That’s my daughter Maddy. She types faster than I do, but it’s in her own language.

[su_box title=”Call for contributors! “]Do you fancy yourself a storyteller? Are you curious by nature? Do you like exploring the cracks and crevices or finding the surprise hidden in that thing everyone thought they already knew? Love asking questions? Yes? Then I need you. Akron needs you.

The Devil Strip is looking for writers, photographers, illustrators and other awesome folks to find and share the stories of the people, places and things that make greater Akron greater.

If you like ground floor opportunities, this is one. For more information, email me at, tweet us @akrondevilstrip, find us at or call 330-842-6606.

Or, use the handy, dandy form below![/su_box]


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