Call for Artists: Submit your work for a chance to have it (relatively) immortalized

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Maybe you saw the Kickstarter Campaign for Newspaper Box Awesomeness leap past its goal in a single day.

Maybe you were one of the artists, illustrators, photographers, designers, sculptors, etc., who’ve asked about getting your work on the sides of one of the 15 boxes that supporters from all over the country have pledged their hard-earned dough to get Akronized.

Maybe you need to be a’clickin’ on this here link to submit your work for the chance to have it adorn the sides of one of our boxes, which will go on display at the Akron Art Museum for a public unveiling before hitting the mean streets of the AK-Rowdy, while you fan yourself with the $100 stipend and autograph copies of write-up about your art in The Devil Strip.

Maybe you will get a warm and fuzzy feeling when you find out we just added 10 more boxes to the family, meaning–as long as we raise at least $5,751 on the Kickstarter project, we’ll be able to afford to pick 25 artists because we’ll have 25 boxes to refurbish and artify.

How you like us now? If you’ve got questions, comments, concerns or congratulations, leave ’em in the comments.



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